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Literacy Program

Literacy is a vital tool for the development of a society. However, statistics show that the illiteracy rate in Malawi is still high. What makes our literacy program unique is our specialized approach in assisting children become proficient in English as a second language. Realizing that the Malawi school curriculum is based in English we believe that this program will significantly help the children understand and retain the information they learn in school and consequently improve their academic performance.

After School Program

Young and Empowered believes that children are the core foundation of development in every society. We prioritize educational programs aimed at equipping children with knowledge and skills to help become responsible and independent citizens. Our after-school program aims at providing special tutoring classes, critical thinking exercises, and other needed materials for children between standards(grades) 4-7.

Feeding Program

Our programs are designed for some of the most vulnerable communities in the country. In such communities, only a few families are able to provide three meals a day for their children. Our after-school program incorporates a feeding program to offer children a nutritious lunch to enrich their well-being to enhance their ability to concentrate in class.

Girls Empowerment Program

As is the case in many African countries, girls in Malawi are vulnerable to a variety of challenges that hinder their academic and socio-economic growth. Our girls empowerment program focuses on keeping each girl in school, motivating her to dream and achieve her goals, as well as encouraging her to make independent choices. The program includes mentorship, counseling, and role modeling, as well as social entrepreneurship training.

Youth Empowerment Program

This program targets youth that are struggling with unemployment, lack of spiritual guidance, and lack of moral support. The program provides access to mentorship, sports, vocational and job training as an integrated part of the after-school program. The goal is to see the youth in our program educated and groomed for leadership, work, and life in general.

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